The 517 - 518 Series

Steel Airfoil Blade HVAC Damper

The 517 - 518 series HVAC dampers provide top-tier air performance, a higher maximum air velocity, and the tightest closer of any other control damper, all in one package. These are an excellent choice for HVAC design.


  • Telescoping Blade Shafts - Extend or contract to the right length to fit any damper installation area.
  • In-Jamb Linkage - Fits neatly into openings without the need for on-blade linkage. Don't compromise air flow!
  • Reinforced Airfoil Blades - Special, reinforced blade design. Higher operating air velocities and higher air pressures with no blade distortion. 
  • Double-sided Blade Seals - Seals on front and back edges of the blade, sealing at both ends of the blade.
  • Class 1A Air Leakage - AMCA Rated for Air Leakage performance with the lowest leakage rating, Class 1A.
  • 5000 FPM - A maximum static pressure of 5000 feet per minute. Max static pressure will vary by model size.

The 517 - 518 series control dampers are available in parallel or opposed blade orientation. Visit our website for full details and to download the submittal.

Details on the 517 - 518 Series

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